Green Thumb


Someday I will have a garden.  I will grow fresh herbs, and make lovely salads from the veggies I nurture in my own backyard…but that day is not today.  In the meantime, though, I created a perfect garden caddy for my future life out of a banged up old crate I found on the side of the road.  Seriously.

Picture 002

This heavy duty, tossed out treasure was painted a faded black and needed a good scrubbing.  So I carried it home and busted out my trusty sander (120 grit disc) to take off the previous paint and any mold build-up.

Picture 003

After the sanding was complete, I used some vivid green paint I had lying around to spruce it up!


Please excuse the blurry photo, I need a real camera 🙂

Next, I wanted a distressed look, similar to one you would find on an actual garden bin, so back to the sander…



 Once I had achieved a nice level of distress there was one more element I wanted to add…using my leftover Rustoleum metalic spray paint from Be-Spoke, and a fun stamp I got on sale at Michael’s…


By just randomly placing the stamp I was able to add some texture, without needing to be exact:


 up close…


I think it’s a fun addition, oh and I didn’t spend a dime on this project, so who cares, right?!


I really like the way it turned out, rustic but functional and unique! 


Now I can’t wait to have a real garden to use it in, but until then I am sure I can find a few things to put inside!




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