Trapper Keeper


Get it?  Trapper keeper?…Because it’s a folio and animal print…whatever, it’s early still 🙂  As I’ve said before, working in a law office affords a few perks, and I better get em’ in now since I leave at the end of the week to start school…gulp!  One of my recent finds was a tossed out faux-leather portfolio with a nice handle, zipper and inside compartments.  The only problem was the logo on the front from some law conference long forgotten.


So, who better to give this thing new life, eh?


I had so much left over fabric from my ottoman (Ottoman Empire) that it seemed like the natural choice to go leopard.  I mean a tricked out, stylish folio like this one would easily run me at least $50, but mama is making it happen for FREE 🙂

So I cut my fabric to size, and got my hot glue gun ready.  With a careful eye for corners, and making sure to not smear hot glue on the fabric, I simply laid down my adhesive element and gently placed the fabric on top, pressing firmly once the placement was correct.  You don’t want any bulk, so cut the fabric with only 1/2″ extra perimeter, and pull taught at center.


I covered both sides, and added a covered handle, for some flair!


  Last, but not least, it felt like it needed a lil’ something more, so I monogrammed it for a personalized element!  I just sketched out an ‘A’ using a template of Monotype Corsiva font, cut it into some scrap leather, and hot glued on.  Pretty nifty huh?!


Now if that’s not style on a dime, I don’t know what is!


Thanks for stopping by!



2 thoughts on “Trapper Keeper

  1. I like what you did–especially covering up J.P. Morgan…
    One suggestion, though–your ‘A’…
    It looks good, but the black blends in too much with the leopard spots. I don’t know how hard it would be to pull it off there, what with the glue and all…but if you created a duplicate ‘A’–perhaps from a fabric the color of the golden fur, for instance–and offset it underneath the black ‘A’, it would make it ‘pop’!

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