Bauble of Love


My sister recently came back from her honeymoon in Costa Rica with a few souvenirs, one of which was a Love Stone given to her upon their arrival in the country.  She immediately saw the potential for a possible pendant, and almost immediately after having this thought, she handed it off to me for completion.  Love you too, babe 🙂

No, just kidding!  You know I LOVE this stuff!

But how do you make a stone into a pendant…hmmmm


I gathered some frequent tools for jewelry making, plus some different gauge wire (18 & 26 Gauge).  I had no real plan other than playing with wrapping wire around, until I was satisfied.  I think the two sizes of wire give it some dimension, while still displaying the beautiful stone.


I also quickly made the chain by using exisiting chainlink and adding a clasp at the end, about 18″ length.  I like how the wires intersect, holding the stone across, like a hug, and then securring it with an ‘X’ shape so it won’t shift inside.


 Well, I hope she likes it, and enjoys it as a special memory from her honeymoon!  I guess we’ll see…keep you posted!


Turns out she loves it!!!


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