Blu$h Much?


Navigating the wonderful wide world of cosmetics can be a number of things, but for me it tends to be the 3 E’s: Exciting, Expensive and Exhausting.  I myself had never set foot in a Sephora before the age of 28, and I was understandably overwhelmed. 

First of all, I grew up wearing stage makeup, so I know a thing or two about application, so in that respect I’m good, but damn if there isn’t a product for EVERYTHING nowadays, and every brand makes their own version.  Like I said, exhausting.

For me, you can’t go wrong with a light concealer, a little mascara and a great blush, and I am here to tell you that cream blush especially is the way to go.  As I get older I am switching from any type of powder to cream.  It lays better on aging skin and its easier to blend.  Plus I don’t end up with pesky dry patches, of which I am prone.  I have two favorites that I use frequently:


Urban Decay Cream Blush in ‘Quickie’ $24



Tarte Cheek Stain in ‘Natural Beauty’ $30

The only problem with these blushes is I got them with a giftcard (once again I am cheap and could never justify spending this much of my own money of a f-ing blush) and one is a sample!  What to do!

Newest solution:  Use a plum lipstick I bought for those occasions for drama, and use it as my daily blush!


Maybelline ColorSensational #435 in ‘Plum Perfect’

Once again, I am advocating for my favorite lipstick, but this time as a cream blush.  I am telling you, it’s awesome.


Just a little bit goes a long way, and I love the result!


Just a hint of color, and for a fraction of the price of these great, but expensive alternatives.  A true lady can get away with very little in her makeup drawer, if she knows how to use it!


2 thoughts on “Blu$h Much?

  1. Great tip Andrea. Never thought of using lipstick to add a little color to my cheeks. Do you use your fingers to apply it, or are you using a makeup brush?

    • I use my finger, but some people use a brush. I find my application works well, plus I’m not gunking up a brush or wasting product. A happy median would be using a makeup sponge.

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