Slummin’ in the Mornin’


Who doesn’t love starting their morning with some good ol’ fashioned pilledging?  …Anyone?  Well, that’s how my day started, anyway 🙂

Just as I was getting out of the shower I got a call from my wonderful husband who was kind enough to let me know that just up the block from us was an old, heavy door out for the trash, and what do you suppose my interest in it would be…you guessed it, those lovely antique crystal door knobs!  He said if I hurried I could catch it before the trash came by.  So, wet hair and all, I threw on some clothes, grabbed some tools and went in search of my treasure.


I got right to work, as you can see, and stripped this door of all it’s fancy old hardware.  Just picture me, crazy lady in her pajamas and wet hair, armed with a pick, a hammer and a flathead. 


Two men walked up to investigate, but unfortunately I don’t speak spanish, so I don’t know what they were saying, but I could venture a guess.  Once they saw that I knew what I was doing, they looked me in the eye, gave me a reassuring smirk and went on their way.


“Add it to the pile,
Add it to the stock”

A little theatre reference for those of you who will get it 🙂

My collection continues to grow and I think I have a healthy set of ten knobs now!  Both sides!  The best part is I have removed each and every one of the myself.  Happy girl!


2 thoughts on “Slummin’ in the Mornin’

  1. “…Well, someone’s got to clean them up my friends, before the little harvest disappears into the mud; someone’s got to collect their odds n’ ends….when the gutters run with blood….” Well done Madame T!

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