Sweet Treat


Those look yummy, don’t they?  Wanna know a secret…they’re not muffins.  Those are cookies, people!!! 

I don’t know how it took my so long to think of this fool proof baking method for ooey-gooey, never crunchy cookies:



I tried this method on a whim for the holidays because all of my baking sheets were being used and we needed to make some classic chocolate chip cookies, so I poured the batter into each muffin compartment and wouldn’t you know they came out perfect!  So fluffy and yummy, and what a crowd pleaser!


I abhore crunchy burnt cookies, and when I used to bake directly onto a cookie sheet, sans parchment paper, they were the worst.  Once I graduated to parchment for all my baking needs, my cookies were still the one item that never came out how I like: soft, gooey, but not doughy.  Trick-y.

For my latest cookie success I used a Betty Crockers dry gingerbread cookie mix that we hadn’t used during the holidays, but I didn’t want to do the whole rolling out, cutting and decorating that oft occompanies gingerbread, plus the holidays are over…so I added some chocolate chips and pecans and viola!  Ginger-Choc-Nut Cookie ‘Muffins’!  I’ll say it…I’m a genius.


Plus, with this new method I have the perfect excuse to finally buy one of those mini-muffin pans for little bite sized cookies!

Do you have any baking tricks up you sleeve?


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