My Work is Never Done…


Good Morning!

Remember that lovely restaurant reno I was working on a few weeks ago (Me, an Artist?)?  Well, turns out they want me to come in and tweak the look on the restroom doors this weekend.  Wanna know why?  Hahaha, because apparently women are complaining that drunk men keep bursting into the ladies bathroom!  Amazing…so glad my art could cause a stir…but I agree that under these circumstances some clarifying is neccessary.  It’s pretty funny though.  😉

So I got to work on their suggestions of adding hair to our lovely lady, and/or enhancing her lashes.  I decided on some great retro waves for her ‘do, but the lashes thing just wasn’t working out for me.  It felt forced.  So what do you think?


I think the line quality is consistant and fluid.  Onto our Gent! 

Once I added an element to her, he looked so plain, and we can’t have that…


A classic fedora did the trick!  I think he looks quite dashing, don’t you agree?

The client approved the design redo, but asked for one small addition…


An adorable little bow for her hair!  I think they make a very nice couple 🙂

Now, the only problem is sizing because when I originally painted the faces on the door boards, I made them about 30% larger to fill the space, and now I am not sure these additions will fit…so I may have to (eek!) start over.  Booooo.   But I am excited to head back to the space and get to work on these improvements.

Photo updates to come!  Oh, and happy Friday!


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