Making the Cut!


Well folks, momma needed a change.  I have not ‘cut’ my hair, other than a good ol’ fashioned trim in 5 years, so what the hey, right???  I say, live a little.

2012 Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala - Arrivals

The Inspiration

Since I am starting school soon and going to be super busy, I needed a look that could translate from shower – air dry – fab in no time.   So I am seizing the slightly bluntish cut in fashion now and saying hallelujah for naturally wavy hair!  Not sure if my kinky strands have been an asset til now, but I’m in my 30s and it’s time to started embracing what you’ve got!


 A big thanks to my stylist of 5 years, Donny from Rossi Salon on 57th Street, for the great new look!  He was so excited for a change!  We cut off 8 inches people!!!

Have a great day!


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