Quick Fix!


Boy, oh boy ya’ll…it’s only 11am and it has already been one of those days.  It’s mornings like this one that make it tough to peel yourself off the bed and prepare yourself for the day, let alone make yourself presentable. 

I had just about enough chutzpah to grab a plain black dress and throw it on.  In instances like this, NEVER underestimate the power of a bright scarf and lipstick!


Zara scarf, $25

Coral Crush

Maybelline Color Senstation Lipstick in Coral Crush (#515), $6

I purchased this scarf and lipstick for my sister’s summer wedding festivities because they had all her colors, and boy did I need some color on this winter day.  Even though the sun was out I felt quite pekid and needed a jolt.  Plus, having been an actor for a long time, and tried every brand of makeup under the sun, this brand of lipstick is the only one I use.  Period.  Don’t spend your hard earned cash on overly priced department store lipstick for everyday use.  I am telling you, this line is THE BEST.  Soft, longwear, moisturizing and vibrant!


I found this quote recently.  I am learning about Dita, and liking her more and more, maybe because we are both Michiganders, but I find this holds tried and true, especially on days like today! 


So, take it from me and dress up a somber outfit with some generous pops of color this winter, and don’t let anyone else’s opinion sway your good mood!  It made me feel better in a hurry!



4 thoughts on “Quick Fix!

  1. You look beautiful! I totally agree that scarves can turn an outfit around. Love them! Great tip on the lipstick too. I don’t wear it often, so I’d prefer not to spend a ton on it 😀

  2. Ya, thanks for the tip on the lipstick. I never know what brand to buy! Good job getting yourself out of a funk by adding some color to your day. I will have to try that next time!

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