Lil Bit o’ Leather


So, for the first time in over 8 years I have a new laptop of my very own, very exciting.  So naturally I needed a new laptop case, right?  Right.  Only…I hate spending money of something when I could just make something custom, or unique so when I saw this heavy-duty, real leather document holder at Goodwill for $4.99 I scooped it up!


There was a problem though…naturally…this case had come in contact with some sort of excessive heat and had completely melted the lower right corner into a super hard cashew shape.  No bueno.


So I carefully cut out the unsuable portion and prepared to patch my find, making it functional again!


From my many scavenging trips I have collected quite a few leather samples, because, hey, you never know!  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go colorful, or matchy matchy, or perhaps add a monogram…decisions decisions.


To get started I cut a piece of black leather (left over from Tweedle Dee-Dee (Part Un)!) and hot glued it to the inside if the laptop case, creating the first layer barrier.


Next, I had to choose which leather I wanted for the outside…perhaps matchy matchy in color, but with a bit of texture?


Almost a perfect color match, even my husband noticed!


Brilliant!  I cut along the basket weave for a nifty edged design, which I love, but I came up a bit short, so I added another section and even though it was born from a mistake, I kinda like it!


Yay!  New, super tough, reinforced laptop case which is a perfect fit for my 15 inch screen!  Big bonus that it has a bit of style and hands-on quality!

Thanks for stopping by!


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