Swedish Chef


All I ever knew about Swedish food came from a beloved muppet jabbering on about Flumde-shumde-flumbeden…or something like that.   That is until I was home for the holidays with my husband’s family, who are not Swedes, but Scandenavian, and among this region some foods are similar!

I give you Swedish Pancakes!

Apparently this dish was a tradition my in-laws served every Christmas morning when my husband was growing up, but after seven years of marriage this was the first I was hearing of it!  So yummy!

Things You’ll Need:


This is what it should look like when you remove from the oven:

IMG_20121225_175042 (2)

Now once it has cooled a bit, cut into sections:


Next comes my favorite part, and the reason this was probably so appealing for feeding a large group including children: You get to add your own topping!  Gather an assortment of jams and jellies, and perhaps even some nuts , and some greek yogurt and you have yourself a fun, easy breakfast!


So creamy, refreshing and sweet!  I used fat free greek yogurt and sugar free cherry preserves, and boy of boy I couldn’t help but go back for seconds!


Thanks Momma Andert for sharing this recipe!  I think this could become a brunch staple all year long at our house!


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