In Living Color


I have been wanting to add a bit of color to my living room for awhile, and last night I finally made myself do it!

I love the wall color, but everything was the same hue, and the room needed a bit of spice, so I went ahead and rearranged the bookshelf, ala ROY-G-BIV, and added some much needed life to one of my throw pillows!


For the pillow re-do, I had this perfectly sized swatch of coral fabric that was just the shade I wanted except it had an upholstery gromet dead center because it was a sample.  So I fashioned a button with a complimentary swatch, hot gluing it to the button and sewed it to the pillow, but first I started with the fabric inside out and hand sewed it thru my existing piping.


Once I had three sides finished, I placed my new button on top and sewed it to the pillow underneath my new fabric.  Then I pulled the fabric right side out and finished with the fourth side.


There!  A much needed jolt of color!  I have one more pillow re-do on my list in the same shade and hopefully I can get that done before the family stops by for the holidays!


As for the book shelf, I hadn’t rearranged the contents pretty much since we moved in…5 years ago.  I know, I’m terrible. 

after-living room 2

It was a fun project to pull everything off and start color coding!


So much better!  Well, there you have it, my punch of color project!

Do you have an easy, colorful update to share?


2 thoughts on “In Living Color

  1. I love the look of colour-organised bookshelves, but I think they would drive me crazy in real life… mine have to be organised by type (fiction, history, DIY, music, etc) and within those categories, by author. (This might be the result of having an ex-librarian mother…)

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