Old School Glamour


Hey everyone!  Remember the post Up in my Hood? (https://miymaven.wordpress.com/2012/11/12/up-in-my-hood/), well I finally got around to using the rest of my luxurious faux fur fabric!

Things You’ll Need:

Faux Fur

Lining fabric

Thread/Sewing Machine/Scissors

Large Snaps



I had a large square of fabric, so I cut it right down the middle and sewed the ends together.


Next, I pinned my lining to the faux fur, inside out, so that once sewn I could turn it outside in, having the nice side of each fabric showing. 


Just leave a few inches worth of space unsewn to pull through!


Once pulled thru, there is a small section to sew by hand.  Next, place the wrap around your shoulders and neck and decide where you would like you snaps to go!


For me, I gathered one end in a sort of bunch style, hand sewed a snap there and on the corresponding side.


Then I grabbed my favorite old brooch and pinned it through the bunched end for a little old Hollywood glamour!


Yay!  A very warm, very chic addition to my winter wardrobe, when a knit scarf just will not do!


Gotta love a bit o’ the old school


My husband says I am now ready for winter…in Russia.  He’s just jealous 🙂


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