Tag, You’re It!


Let the Holiday gift giving begin!

I know I come off as all put together and particular and all, and I am, BUT, I am also the single worst gift wrapper you have ever met.  Seriously.  My husband makes fun of how bad I am.  True story.

So, with that being said, I take extra care to make sure my gifts don’t look like poo when love and care went into the making of each and every one.

Today we will discuss writing name tags for gifts when your handwriting it as poor as mine.  I mean, it’s chicken scratch, folks.  Once again chalk comes to the rescue!

Things You’ll Need:

Typed label with font of choice


Chalk (*dark if working on a light surface and visa versa)

Pencil (not too sharp)

Small point felt marker

First, choose a font you like and type out the receiver’s name in a size large enough to accomodate your tag.


Next, rub your chalk on the back of your typed label, enough so that you completely cover the text.


Then, place your typed label, chalk face down, on your tag in the position desired, and then trace with your pencil a thin duplication onto your tag.


When you lift off the typed label you will find a nice imprint of your text, perfect for writing over with your felt marker!


Now you have a unique, clean way of presenting your gift, which you have worked so hard to make just right for that special someone!

Copy of IMG_20121217_085755

Sorry for the fuzzy pic, but you get the idea!


Happy Monday!


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