Watercolor Wall


This is the last piece of the puzzle for the restaurant art!  The request was for something a bit softer in the entryway, but it’s still another photo-turned-sketch, so all the art looks like a collection.  The main difference is this time I used a watercolor technique to achieve the slight gradation in shadow.

First I had to sketch it on the wall with a washable pencil(http://www.utrechtart.com/General-Pencil-General-s-Sketch-and-Wash-Pencil-Set–2-Pencils—Metal-Sharpener-MP52027-i1012622.utrecht) and then I used a very tiny detail brush to make as thin and even a painted line as possible, using Benjamin Moore: Tempation, they same color used on the large mural. 


Next, the secret to achieving that amazing gradation?  Layers, layers, and ummmm, oh yeah, more layers.  I started with about 7 parts water to 1 part paint.  I mixed it up in a plastic party cup and started blotting with a makeup sponge, making sure there was very little excess water, you don’t want drips!!!!  A little goes a long way here!


First layer creates just a slight shadow, and we move forward from there, adding a bit more paint to the cup of water for each go around.  *Don’t pour the paint in, I used a flat edge paint brush and dipped it into the paint and the used it to swish into the water mixture.  You want a gradual change, nothing too drastic*


See the slight fade happening?  We want to keep that up.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Once I got to this point, and was adding more and more paint to get the right level, I switch to a rounded edge paint brush to get a more exact stroke.


Almost there…


Done!  I think for my first attempt of watercoloring on a previously painted, vertical surface it turned out pretty nice, eh?!


My work here is done!  Phew…that was alot of early mornings, but I loved every minute of this process.  Many many thanks to Zachary Bliss for taking me under his wing and letting me try out a few things!


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