Me, an Artist?

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If you know anything about me by now, it’s that I am creative.  But something you may not know is that I am VERY new to being an ‘artist’.  I use that term loosely, as it can mean lots of different things.  For example, I was an actor for a long time, but I never really called myself an artist, and maybe on some subconscious level that was why I moved on from performing full-time. 

In terms of being a ‘sketch’ artist, or painter, I am just developing my own style, as I never really had the need or desire to try before.  It’s funny, thinking back on my childhood, surrounded by two siblings who were amazing free-hand artists, and maybe once in a long, long while I would have a stroke of genius and an image would pour out of me onto paper, but those moments were few and far between.  My bro and sis had it covered.

  My current design gig has me testing those boundaries like I have never been asked to before, and I am loving it!


Original sketch

For the restaurant I am consulting on with the lovely Zach Bliss ( I was asked to come up with some image ideas for the bathroom signs.  We initially thought about a fun, hip, boy-girl silouette decal, but then relaized that the previous owners had used that very idea only with a victoriam theme.  That led me to the idea of a quirky, flirtatious boy-girl combo, since the doors are right next to eachother.


Next attempt, with the correct positioning

With Zach’s direction, we played around with the design a bit…


Added facial features…

This was more or less the direction we chose, but conitued to refine…


The Gent



The Lady

Then, using a white chalk pencil, I sketched these ideas on the signboard attached to the doors, and painted directly over it!

Copy of IMG_20121212_091734_657

Before touchups



Before touchups

So there you have it!  These two folks were finished from 7-9am this morning!  Fresh off the presses!  I am pretty proud of this project!

Copy of IMG_20121212_091729_148

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Me, an Artist?

  1. Anyone who takes a few squiggles and can make an expressive face that shows emotions ….me thinks they have a gift. �It is art when it produces emotion ….could that be a definition of art. Was thinking of the sewing machine table. �we have had a sewing machine table in the family for years. �My mom put a granite top laying around the house on top of the old fashioned sewing stand which she spray painted black and wha la a table. �Mom had it for some time, then I took it from home….now my sister has it. �It fits a niche in a house. �The size is quite right. � The only down size is little children have to be taught to be careful with it. �Their fingers can get caught in the wheel when they start pumping the foot pedal. �A stick in the wheel until they are older also helps. �When the little ones start arriving, you will know….smile.

    Jennie Millerhagen

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  3. It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come with visual designs in such a short time, sis! I’ve already seen your posts after this where you improved on this restroom romance, and beyond…and all I can say is I’m impressed. Keep up the good work!

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