Little ‘Black’ Book


I work in a law office…there I admit it.  I don’t work fulltime as a designer…yet.  But, working in a busy office setting, I see alot go to waste.  Paper, supplies, marketing materials from random networking events.  Perfectly good notepads and booklets get thrown out all the time, and I am there to make sure they find a new purpose!

What You’ll Need:

Any booklet/notebook you wish to add some spice to!

Scrap fabric

Hot glue/gun



Start by selecting some unique fabric that will completely change the look of this neat little booklet.  I have lots of small pieces from my scavenging at the D&D building, and among them were some fabrics that had a cool, male hippy vibe, which is good because two lucky gents will be getting one of these homemade delights as xmas gifts!


Lay your booklet open and flat to measure and cut your fabric to size.  Leave about a 1/2″ of slack to fold over when gluing, but not to much or your booklet will become bulky.  Glue the spine of you book to the center of the pattern you like best on your fabric.  Next, glue the open front flap, closing the book and rubbing against a flat surface to ensure no streaky lines of glue underneath.  Fold over the excess fabric and glue on the inside of the booklet.  Run a small amount of glue along the cut edge to stop any fraying.  When you get to the binding, cut a out a square of fabric, so that your spine has a flush edge:


Continue gluing all around the edge, making sure to also keep the fabric from fraying by continually tracing a light amount of glue over the cut edges.  *let it cool for a moment and then spread it out with your finger (it may be hot!!!) or a knife.  You don’t want it to ‘look’ like glue!

These booklets are perfect for this project because they have elastic attached, which will hold this somewhat bulkier booklet creation closed. 

*To move your elastic on top of the fabric, measure out where the slits in your fabric should be to accomodate the elastic, snip a small opening for each, snip the actual elastic, and weave it through your first opening, over the fabric and down back thru the second opening.  Glue the snipped elastic back to it’s original position, under the fabric.  It’s much easier than I make it sound, I promise 🙂


Poor photo, I know, but to make clean corners, snip at a 45 degree angle and spread some glue on the fabric, letting cool a moment and then pressing down and in, in order to create a nice clean edged line.  Hot glue it amazing, once you learn how to manipulate it.  I may have a few less callusses when I’m finished, but I find there is no great substitute, so I put up with the heat 🙂


One down, one to go!


I finished both of these booklets in about an hour.  Super fun, super easy!

Got anything you want to spice up with a bit of remnant fabric?



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