City Sidewalks…

Picture 004

For the past three days I have been up and out the door before 5:15am, heading down to the restaurant in Greenwich Village for which I did the mural, and working on other art around the space.  I have to live with this schedule because I work a full-time job, but the act of creativity early in the moning, in a part of the city I rarely visit, is well worth the missed sleep and early morning chill.

So, today I am posting some photos I have taken before the streets become clogged with the regular movers and shakers of New York City.  Enjoy!

Picture 012

Mulligan Place

Picture 002

Jack’s coffee shop on 10th Street, before dawn

Picture 005

Diner window on Greenwich

Picture 006

Fiddlesticks pub

Picture 007

It’s rare to see this street so empty

Picture 008

side alley apartments

Picture 009

Jefferson Market Library

Picture 011

festive soda water bottles


biggest bell jar I’ve ever seen

Picture 003

art deco greenwich station facade

I hope you liked the photos!  It’s totally worth getting up early when you get to see the city like this.  I am grateful!

Happy Friday!


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