All A-Board!

Today I would like to show you some creative ways to dress up a place for kids for the holidays, like a classroom, or daycare or anywhere you need a little extra cheer this time of year!

Bring on the bulletin boards!

Christmas 2008 023

This Board is from the winter of 2008, my husband’s first year teaching elementary music in NY.  You see the little guy I’m holding?  Notice any similarities?  Hhahahha, I put him in a snowglobe too!  Here is a link on how to make these super easy but huge snowflakes!

Next up…


This is the set up for 2009, when I had to create all of these wonderful Holiday calendar images (nothing denominational, that was tough!) before I left for Radio City in October.  I wanted the kids to have a really fun board, but I was going to be gone when it needed to go up, so I numbered all the inmages and my hubby had to put it together!

An iceskate , a fireplace, some snowboots, and even a kid making a  snowangel!

The only photo I have of the finished product is from a phone…


Everything is made of felt!  Felt, felt, felt…amazing stuff.  Give me a hot glue gun and some felt and I can take over the world!  I love working with it for kids.  Tactile quality, and all!

In 2010, we reused some of the images because they were so cool, including a huge version of the nifty little snowflake!  That was the inspiration for turning it into a clock!


My husband now teaches High School band, so I don’t get to make fun boards anymore, but if you ever needed any ideas, these are a few you can steal!

Keep your eyes out for other seasonal boards I will post when the weather changes!



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