Corks for Christmas


I love fresh garland around the holidays just as much as the next person, but replacing it every year can be costly, and while I always go for a real tree, I figure the wreath is the item I can get creative with! 

I made this wreath 2 years ago after I started collecting corks, and it still looks brand new because these materials are meant to last.  Yay for conserving!


Things You’ll Need:


Hot glue & gun

Wreath base (I used this twisted wood version from Michaels)

Embelishments (like my faux snowy cranberries!)


To create this festive little number, take your wreath base and glue on three corks, end to end, in the direction of the natural spiral that occurs as you go around.  The repeat this step directly next to your previous line, and you will begin to see where your corks should be place to fill the entire space.  I like to make sure that the best part of each cork was facing out, to give it a little more character.


 *As you can see from the back side, I didn’t cover the entire wreath because then it would lie against the door nicely*

Next, wrap your decorative element however you wish to give it a little pop of color and glue in place!


There you go!  A one of a kind holiday decoration that is also a conversation piece and a welcome addition to a busy holiday schedule!  From year to year, I will cherish my creation!


4 thoughts on “Corks for Christmas

  1. Brilliant. I may have to steal this idea… I’ve been collecting corks for years! I bet you could find a ratty old wreath frame at a thrift shop and make this even cheaper, too… 🙂

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