Mural, Mural on the Wall


How is it the last day of November already???!  Yikes…Christmas is right around the corner, ya’ll.  Never a more appropriate time to be super busy, as evident by today’s post! 

Do you recall the Design Redo post awhile back:, and how I got the gig because my friend recommended me?  Well, that job was seen by designer Zachary Bliss of Bliss Made, Inc. (check out his website here! and wouldn’t you know he called me up to see about helping him out with a current restaurant renovation he was working on!  Hell yeah, I’m so there.

This is the project description from the Kickstarter page of the amazing Chef, David Santos, at the helm of this great new eatery!

The name of the restaurant is Louro, which is Portugese for Bay leaf, hence the motif.  Zach’s vision was of a large scale, clean line sketch-type version of a bay leaf to cover a bare wall next to the stairs.  We tweaked a few versions together, via photoshop, then I sketched a simplified version:

Large Bay Leaf

By tilting it slightly on it’s side, and inverting the image, we were able to fill the space up very nicely, and once the owners approved of the scale, I got down to work!


Working on this project was a fast, fun and busy experience for me, and an important step in my own career, as I have gotten to work with someone with a similar aesthetic who is a respected designer.  Not bad for word of mouth, huh?  I owe my friend a big gift!


If you’re curious where to find this new amazing restaurant its 142 W 10th St
(between Waverly Pl & Greenwich Ave) in the West Village.  Go have some amazing food at great prices, and check out the art while you’re there!

Happy Friday Everyone!


I went down to the restaurant after it opened to meet with Zach, the designer, and I walked right past it!  It looks completely different!


I never even knew that window was there because it was covered up during renovation!


Look how PERFECTLY the refelction of the logo on the front window is displayed under the mural! 


I am excited to keep working on this space!  More updates to come!


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