Terrarium Wonderland

I have a confession to make…I have never owned a plant.  There, I feel better.  But seriously…growing up, my Dad tried his best to teach us the benefits of having a green thumb, but applying all that knowledge to a New York apartment can seem daunting.  I have no doubt that when I have my own home someday, there will be a garden and fresh herbs galore, but for now I will settle for a little terrarium world of my very own!

Things You’ll Need:

Glass Canister (Goodwill $5!) *Lid is optional, but I have a kitty so…

Succulent plant ($4!)



Odds and Ends for decor!


First, I lined the bottom of my canister with some old tile pieces, but you can also use stones or anything hearty, then I layered the bottom with some soil.  Next, remove your succulent plant from it’s pot and place center.  Layer in the moss until you like the layout, and then grab your bobbles to create a curiosity shoppe type world that’s all your own!



These mini-scapes do well in humid climates, so I leave my lid on top and remove it once in a while to add a teeny tiny bit of water, these plants don’t need much!  I LOVE that fact that I have some greenery in my home now!  It has inspired me to create a few more of these bad boys and scatter them around the apartment! 

Do you have a green thumb?  Tell me your secret!


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