Tray Chic


I hope you all got some good turkey-time and sleeping in on this lovely long weekend.  I know I did!  But now, back to the ol’ grindstone…let’s see what I was busy doing over the break, shall we?!

My husband and I took our weekly stroll to the Goodwill and I found several cute homegoods items that will serve me well for the holidays.  Including this classic milk glass bowl, which I’ve decided would be a wonderful gravy boat (there’s even a slot for the spoon!), and this adorable antique tin tray!  SCORE!

Guys…it was 59¢!

Now, for that kind of deal I would expect it to be pretty beat up, which it was, with rust spots and chips everywhere. 

Someone used this amazing home accessory a ton, but I was confident I could bring it back to life!

By just getting out my set of acrylic paints and cheapo brushes, I was able to mix together the perfect matches of color to patch up the rough spots!  This was one of the worst places in need of repair…

I patched every last scratch and scrape, bringing new life to this forgotten treasure!

Does this inspire you to try your own fixer-upper? 

Tell me all about it!


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