Hostess with the Mostess PART 2


Just in time for Thanksgiving I have a really quick, chic way to dress up your dinner settings: Hook & Eye napkin holders!  These are so quick, I finished a set in no time!

Things You’ll Need:

Clothe Napkins


18 Gage wire

Size J/10 6MM Crochet Hook

Large beads of choice

Jewelry pliers & snippers

First, snip a 9″ length of your wire.  String bead onto one end, about 1 1/2″ down, and bend the wire to twist it closed, seen here:

Next, curve the rest of your length of wire to create a distance of about 2 1/2″-3″ between the bead and and the hook end.  To create the ‘eye’, curve your wire in a loop, keeping it big enough for the bead end to easily fit in it (you want a little extra room here for twine) and twist the end to close, snipping it flush, seen here:

Next,  take your twine and create a looped knot on one end to begin crocheting around the wire, using the single stitch method :

Continue your single stitch crochet all the way around (even the loop), making sure to gather your completed portions to one side so as to make a nice, tight covering for the wire.   Once you have covered your whole wire, pull the twine tightly and snip the end, leaving about 2″ of length to tuck into your stitches, hiding it.

Super easy and quick!  I designed these on a whim because I have no proper napkin holders and I have family coming over for the Holidays! 

This pattern will work with all sorts of toggles, and buttons, just make sure to keep the ‘eye’ large enough to slide easily over whatever bobble you choose.  The best part about these is the maliable nature of the wire, you can reshape them easily to remove, or simply slide them off the napkins!


Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


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