The Old Switcheroo (UPDATE)

Ok, it has to be said.  I have gotten more compliments on this jacket than any other item I have ever up-cycled.  Hands down.  People stop me on the streets of Manahattan to ask where I got such a fabulous coat.  Brimming with pride 🙂

But, I just couldn’t help myself from tweeking the design juuuuust a bit…after all I have an entire sleeveless black leather trench coat for scrap at my disposal, so…

I started toying with the idea of adding black leather to the pocket flaps, you know, as an accent.  This experiment is a perfect example of how your vision doesn’t always come out the way you think it will, even if your craftsmanship is sound.  Case and point:

The second I cut the last thread on my new pocket flap addition, I had a feeling it was too much…so I tried it on and when my designer eye couldn’t decide, I employed the use of the only other eyes I trust: my sisters’!

They both really liked the addition, but undeterred, for something told me this was a stepping stone in the design process, I made a compromise:

Once I gave them the option of just a trim above the pocket flap, they were sold, and I was too!

The road to a finished design is not always easy, or straight, but if you’re willing to go the distance until you find what’s perfect for you, then it’s all worth it, especially if in the process you can tick off a fancy socialite who covets your one-of-a-kind duds 🙂

What are your thoughts on the addition?


2 thoughts on “The Old Switcheroo (UPDATE)

  1. I like it! I agree, the trim is just the right amount 🙂 (I’ve been reading for a couple months now but I don’t think I’ve commented yet. I know your mother from CTH!)

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