Plaited, if you Please

The weather is gettin’ chilly, and the time of year for flimsy scarves is nearing at an end.  Time to bust out a new, chunky neck wrap!  What I love about this style is it’s form AND function.  You won’t be sorry you’re forced to walk around in the winter weather with one of these around your neck.  So cozy!  There are amillion options in this style, but I wanted something no one else had, so I made my own!

I fell in love with the idea of a tweed yarn, and found a wide assortment at Knit Picks (, but what color?  If you haven’t realized by now, I love me some navy blue…so, big surprise, that’s what I chose!

For my one-of-a-kind creation, I used a whopping 6 skeins!  Two skeins per plaited piece, ie. a braid takes three ‘pieces’, and I used 2 skeins per piece.  Get it?  I didn’t even use a pattern, I just stocking-stitch knit like the wind!  If you don’t know what that is, its the most basic of knit stitches, which comes out as a knit on one side and a purl on the other!

Things You’ll Need

6 Skeins of yarn

Recommended size of knitting needles for chosen yarn, I used 5.0 mm

Large eye needle for sewing


Cast on 30 loops

Row one: Knit

Row two: Purl

Repeat these two rows until 1st skein is gone; cast on with second skein.  Work until finished and cast off.

Repeat sequence twice more until you have three long ‘pieces’ to braid.

Sewing all three together at one end, using yarn as thread.

Braid the pieces.

Sew all three together at the end.

Finish by sewing the two ends together!

You should now have a long infinity style scarf, which you can wrap around once to create a plush barrier from the elements, while still looking chic!

 I wear this scarf pretty much everday now, and I am thrilled with the design!  The braids especially help keep out the chill, while creating a new spin on the classic neck warmer!

 This pattern is so easy, anyone can make their own couture creation! 



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