Goodwill for all Mankind

All my life I have been a bargain hunter.  I race to the back of a store for the sale rack, I frequent resale shops and garage sales like a boss, and growing up my sisters and I would beg my Mom to take us to Salvation Army, shuddering at the thought of spending an afternoon at the Mall.  So, yeah, you could say pretty much all of my favorite things I own have come to me secondhand, and I am not ashamed to admit it!

This awesome 80’s floral brocade briefcase is my most recent find from my local Goodwill.  I Love it!  Even though I got the classic ‘really?’ look from my husband, that just means I’m on the right track, because however much I adore him, he doesn’t always see the potential for things like I do.  Once I use it with confidence he’ll start to warm to idea, and I like convincing him to appreciate my sense of style.  I have even made him a frequent Goodwill shopper!  Hazzah!  Plus, it perfectly replaces my pitiful excuse for a messenger portfolio, which was a large frosted plastic envelope I had to buy in a pinch for school because nothing fit my 11×18″ homework boards.  So there!

And, it has old school combination locks, just in case I want to feel extra retro and Bond-like, which of course I do!

If you don’t shop at Goodwill, you’re missing out.  Not only is it a great way to support your community, but you can find amazing deals on practically everything!  If you’re opposed to buying clothing there, visit for the homegoods!  You will not be disappointed!

What’s your favorite secondhand find?


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