Ikat a New Stool!

Get it?!  Get it?!  Ikat?  It’s too early for puns…I know.  Anywho, I re-worked this little stool last night when I got home because I was sick of looking at the stain my bottle of hairspray had left on the original cushion cover.  I tried everything to get out the blotch, but alas it was meant to be, so I could share with you the how-to’s of an easy re-upholster project!

Things You’ll Need:

Fabric (I scored this Ikat fabric for free in a showroom at the D&D Building in NYC!)



Staple gun and staples


Flathead screwdriver

First, I pulled the cushion insert off the stool, (it was not screwed down, but just sits inside the grooves) and removed the stained fabric with my pliers and screwdriver by prying up each staple and pulling it out.

After assessing that the underlying cushion was intact, I then measured out my fabric to center the pattern before cutting, leaving 2″ of excess on each side.

The key here is place one staple in the center of each side, working your way outward, adding staples every inch or so, leaving the corners open.  Also, make sure to keep your fabric at the same taughtness all the way around by smoothing out the cushion side in the direction of the side you wish to staple.  This technique is important to master, and it will only get easier the more you re-upholster!

Once you have completed this step, your corners should be the only part un-stapled.  Here you will snip them off, leaving about an inch of fabric.  DO NOT CUT IT FLUSH TO THE BOARD!  You will need this bit of excess in order to cleanly fold down and staple your edges.

To fold the corner, pull the excess fabric taught and tuck cleanly under itself, ala hospital corners.  Don’t let this step scare you, all you really need is a nice flat fold, however you get there.  Once you have a clean, crisp & taught fold, staple on the angle at the corner and once more horizontally at the top of the fold, as seen here:

And, that’s it!  You now have the elementary steps for changing out a cushion cover such as this one!  My vanity now has new life and a colorful update for the unbeatable price of FREE!

Do you have a simple project that these steps could help you complete?  I wanna see it!


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