Up in my Hood


Winter is upon us, Ladies and gents, and that can only mean one thing…out with the warm weather wear and in with the cold comfy duds.  To this end I was switching out my clothes (living in a Manhattan apt, and sharing a closet means this happens several times a year) and when going through my winter coats I re-discovered my go-to sporty jacket: a feather-down, long black Calvin Klein hooded number.  But something struck me as missing.  When I purchased this coat several years ago from T.J. Maxx, I was pleased that I finally had a nice down jacket to keep me cozy and fashionable on those chilliest of winter days, but now when I look at the hood I am struck that it doesn’t have a faux fur trim element so popular these days. 

Well, I can fix that!

Things You’ll Need:

Jacket w/ hood

Faux fur (I scored a yard for $25 at Mood Fabrics in NYC)

Matching thread to coat


First I cut my fabric to size by simply laying the faux fur inside the curve of the hood and filling the entire space with it.  I wasn’t satisfied with simply trimming the hood once I got down to it, because I was adding this element for warmth more than fashion, and knew that a dodgy trim was not gonna cut it. 

Straight pinning the fur in place, I made sure to tack the edges underneath my stitches, so I wouldn’t be molting all over the place!  Make sure to also tack down several anchor spots so the fabric doesn’t shift inside the hood.  Next, sew by hand to further the illusion of fluffy fur.  *If you use a machine you will end up with very obvious stitch marks, and that is unbecoming 🙂

Viola!  A fabulous ‘new’ coat for winter, and all I had to do was add a new, functional element!  This hood is so cozy now, even if I don’t have it on my head the faux fur acts as a barrier to the biting wind of the season.  


 I even have some fabric left over that I am planning to use for a similar project!  Stay tuned!


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