Takin’ Care of Business


I did it folks!  I made business cards!  You would think, after having been my own promoter as an actor for so many years, that I would have done this at least once already.  But, no…I could never bring myself to be one of those poeople that carried a composite photo of themselves on their person and handed it out as if it I were real business…perhaps I missed out on some opportunities there, but oh well.  C’est la vie!

But now that I am my own boss, and with a service to provide, I thought why the hell not?!  So here they are, ladies and gents, my very own form of self-promotion!

For my first attempt I didn’t want to spend a bundle, but simply get something tactile in hand for those chance meetings when a pen and paper just won’t do.  I used the online printing service www.Overnightprints.com, and even though the first batch got lost in the mail, they printed me another, no questions asked.  Very accomodating!  I opted for curved edges, and double-sided color printing, which would normally be super expensive, but I saved money with a coupon I found at www.retailmenot.com.  All and all, I am very satisfied with my first attempt.  Perhaps next time I will go for a heavier, embossed paper, something luxurious. 🙂

And, as luck would have it, I found this sweet little card holder at Goodwill right after I placed my order!  Amazing!  Love love love.

I also got to give one out for the first time when, last night, I dropped off a gift for an old friend backstage at her Broadway show, The Performers. (http://www.theperformersonbroadway.com/)  She took this shot for me and created the hashtag #makeityourselfmaven on Instagram!  I’m a hashtag, people!  Exciting!

Yes…that’s her and I in a regional production of Beauty and the Beast about 100 years ago…laugh away 🙂

 I feel confident networking with people now that I have a legit business card to hand out.  What do you think?

Enjoy your weekend, and if you’re in the NYC area go see The Performers on Broadway!


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