Hanky Panky…not that kind!

When I was growing up my Dad was never without a hanky.  Sun, rain, snow…through it all, he can still be relied upon to this day to carry that trusty white cotton cloth in his pocket for those moments when desperation sets in and you realize you have no kleenex for that runny nose. 

As an adult, I have adopted this go-to cure-all for fussy kids in church and the occasional booger.  I started collecting my set about 10 years ago, and it is a staple of my wardrobe.  I always have a hanky, and people notice, be it in the back pocket of my jeans, or sequestered to a darkened corner in my purse, I am rarely without one.  And believe me, if I instinctively go to grab for it to relieve a teary eye or runny nose, and it’s not there…ooooooh, the expletives.  I love my hankies.  I have even been known to give them as gifts!  Everyone can use a hanky, but no one has any!

After the weather in NY in the last week, I have never loved my obsession with this lost treasure more.  What with high speed winds, crazy rain, blankets of snow and slush, every coat and purse in my closet has a hanky stuffed somewhere, just in case.  And ‘just in case’ seems to be occuring more and more often around here.

There are hankies I keep for the craftmanship, and not for dirtying with nose dribble, and those I don’t mind throwing in the wash over and over again.  In our world that’s trying to get greener every day, why not adopt this old school tool for the praticality of it, if not for saving your dough.  I have never regretted using my hanky to wipe up spills or dust off a book instead of kleenex, because I know I’m not wasting anything, it goes right in the laundry when its good and dirty. 

A great place to find huge lots of hankies is Ebay.  You can usually score some really neat patterned ones for about a dollar a hanky, usually in large bulk lots.  Sweet, huh?!  In fact, I’m due for another bulk order soon…

For those of my collection not hoarded away in coats and pocket books, I always keep about 5 or so on my vanity for those times when I am running out the door, and not sure which coat I will take.  I keep them nicely folded and propped up behind my little jewelry box.

Go ahead, use a hanky!  Its a conversation piece, and tireless tool and it may even brighten an outfit!  A super chic way to tranport you back to a simpler time with every swipe across your schnoz.

Happy Hunting!



2 thoughts on “Hanky Panky…not that kind!

  1. Andrea, what a great, practical, and stylish idea! I am always searching for paper towels for small spills, am always running out of Kleenex at my desk at work, and lately, I’ve been having sneezing fits! I’m always searching for paper, and it’s now where close and convenient. I never considered a hanky before. Thanks for the tip. Let the hanky search begin. 😉

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