Another Opening, Another Show…

Last night was the opening of  the most highly anticipated play of the Broadway season, The Heiress.  I was lucky enough to see the first preview performance, which I found delightful.  It just so happens that two of my favorite young actors are in the play, Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey and Jessica Chastain of The Help and The Debt.  It also just so happens that one of my many hats in life is manager at the Edison Ballroom in Times Square where the opening night gala for the show was held.  Lucky girl 🙂

I am such a huge fan of Dan’s work that, being a MIY maven as I am, I couldn’t help myself from bestowing some homemade goodies for his family directly into his hands after I saw the show a month ago.  This gesture led to a surprise meeting, and lengthy convo with his lovely wife, Susie, at the party.  And the rest is history!

The lovely couple and I…

Dan’s cheeky face here cost him another photo…

The experience also wouldn’t have been complete without including his other two fans in my family, Mom and Grandma!

Such a gentleman…also for Grandma, a signed autograph from her very own ‘blue-eye Matthew’, he burst out laughing when I showed him this photo.  A friend of the couple, who was standing next to me, said “Michelle’s staying in my flat right now!”  Nice to know everyone is so close on the Downton set 🙂

It was such fun, even though I was running around managing the party, to actually enjoy a star studded event for a change!

Many thanks to Susie and Dan for being such wonderful company and making the night a very special one for me.  Very lucky girl here!

Have a good weekend everyone!


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