Tweedle Dee-Dee (Part Un)


I have fallen in love…with the two tone fashion styles of the fall/winter!  But…not with their prices.  Let’s face it, I’m cheap. 

But, with that comes the desire to create something wholly unique and your very own, which I did!

What You’ll Need:

Two jackets, one for the sleeves and one for the body


Matching thread

Seam ripper

If I was to buy a jacket like these two above I would need to save some serious bucks as these run anywhere from $100 – $400.  For me, this is never the best option as I tend to like my money in the bank and not on my body, so I ran to my favorite store…Goodwill!  For $29 I got a vintage black leather trench coat and a sweet brown tweed jacket.  Let the fun begin!









First I removed the sleeves on both jackets using the seam ripper, cutting thru the stitches for the lining and then the stitches for the actual fabric…

Next, I took the leather sleeves and placed them on the tweed jacket with straight pins, leaving the linings of both unsewn for this step.  Then, because my sewing machine can be temperamental at times, I sewed everything by hand to avoid breaking any needles on the leather.

One sleeve down…

This is one sleeve finished (not the lining yet) and one sleeve needing to be sewn…

Once both sleeves were in place, I sewed the lining by hand…

Now for a mere fraction of the cost of buying this coat new, not only do I get a couture piece but I get the pleasure of knowing I made it better, all by myself!  Plus, I had enough material for a part deux, coming tomorrow!

This is what I did during the hurricane…how bout those of you on the East Coast?!


BTW, Happy Halloween!


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