Barack O’ Lantern

If you were like most of us on the East Coast, waiting out Hurricane Sandy, you may have found yourself with alot of time on your hands.  My sister, Ayssa, who lives with her husband in Washington, D.C., was among this group and look what she created!

This is a FREE-HAND carving of our president Barack Obama, aka the Barack O’ Lantern!

My sis simply perused some photos of our Prez online and chose this distinctive shot.  When Alyssa sent me the photo of her amazing pumpkin I knew it would be a post to remember!  Don’t be discouraged by how crazy good this carving it, especially for completing it WITHOUT a pattern because my sister is an extremely gifted artist whose sketches look so lifelike it’s…frightening!

 She also saved the pumkpin innerds for cooking and baking seeds, so perhaps we will share a neat, savory recipe for salvaging all the elements of your pumpkin!

Thank goodness Alyssa has a talent for carving, because my pumpkins always leave something to be desired!  So, in case you’re as poor a carver as I am, perhaps these little guys that I picked up for my Dad would do you better?

$7 each at Target!  You don’t even have to carve a hole in your precious pumpkin, just insert the ends of each apendage ala Mr. Potato Head and viola!  A couple of cute pumpkins for the front porch…plus my Dad is maybe the biggest fan of Star Wars ever.  He was thrilled!

Have some fun with your pumpkins!  They only come around once a year!

Thanks Alyssa for sharing your amazing talent with MIY Maven!

Do you have a favorite pumpkin carving experiment?



2 thoughts on “Barack O’ Lantern

  1. One- this is awesome that you’ve created all this jazz! Kudos!
    Two- love your sis’s pumpkin
    Three- I really don’t have a “three” per se…I just couldn’t leave a one and a two without the three. Just didnt feel right! Peace Live and Gap!!

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