Hurricane Halloween

Today in NYC everything is shut down.  The subways, the tunnels, the gorcery…everything.  But, instead of freaking out I am sequestered in the apartment all day with my craft station and I couldn’t be more excited!!!  I FINALLY have time to work on all my projects!  Here’s one for my favorite holiday, Halloween!  I give you Katy Perry!

My friend Paige wanted to be Katy Perry since last Halloween, but the crazy snow storm last year prevented her from going out.  So, this year we got to work on creating this little number!

Paige tried for several days to create the famous Cupcake Bra out of baking clay, tacky fabric glue and a pastry tube…no such luck.  Turns out the process is much tougher than it looks.  So she asked me to help!  We decided to go a different route and see what we could get!

Cotton balls!  It actually worked really well!  We gathered them all together to create a ‘mountain’ effect and then using a pink spray paint we lightly coated the cotton ball mound and immediately garnished with real baking sprinkles!  Viola!

We attempted to glue the cupcake top to these foam and styrofoam bases, but it turns out they were comically huge on Paige’s little body, so we nixed the styrofoam ring element and cut a little divert into the foam base so her top would fit more like a bra.

We wrapped the cupcake bra in dot candy strips, it looked so cute!

Next we embelished the dress and belt with real life candy!  Sugared watermelon slices, rainbow licorice tape, and lots of different kinds of fun looking candy goodness!

Thanks Paige for letting me help you with your Halloween costume, you looked amazing!

And if you were curious what I was for Halloween…

My husband and I as Thor and Indiana Jones!

Happy Halloween everyone!  And for all my friends on the east coast, stay safe!


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