Trick or Treat!

Vintage Pinup Cigarette Girl

Halloween is nearly upon us!  This holiday is the perfect excuse for a super fun MIY moment! 

Who wants to learn how to make a vintage pill box hat like this one???!


I had so much fun with this Halloween costume, and the best part was I made it all myself! 

What You’ll Need:

Cardboard (old cereal boxes work best!)

Two squares of felt


Hot glue gun

Trims & notions of choice

Since I made this hat a few years ago I don’t have photos of my process, but here is a great tutorial I found you can use!

I wanted my hat to look just like this…

What do ya think???!

BTW, I also made my own ‘cigarettes’ out of pretzel sticks, dipped in white chocolate!  I also food colored some in a tan for the filter!

Be safe this Halloween and take the opportunity to go wild creating something special for this extra fun Holiday!

Do you have a favorite costume!?


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