All Stacked Up

I can appreciate the modern sensibilitities we have all come to understand as the norm just as much as the next guy… constantly checking our numerous devices,  the need for instant digital gratification…blogging 🙂  But one thing I can truly say I never want to do is have to read a book from a computerized library.  I guess I’m old fashioned, but I would much prefer to smell, carry and have the tactile sensation of flipping a page in a much loved, real life book.  So sue me.

I am fortunate that I live in a city that boasts one of the most broad and accessible library systems in the world.  The New York Public Library is a treasure trove or knowledge and discovery, as well as any library for that matter. 

 Remember when you were a kid and this was a common sight, accompanied by a nifty little stamp that clicked its way through countless combinations of numbers and letters to permanently capture the time you spent with a favorite volume?  I miss that.  I guess technology finds us all in the end, but I am sticking it out as long as I can!

Here are a few of my favorite reads that I have taken home from the NYPL lately

This book was recommended by my sister when I said I wanted to read something for the summer that was thoughful and inspiring, and I was not disappointed.  What a moving and vivid portrayal of a woman at the dawn of a new age trying desparately to find herself.  I loved it.

 Absolutely stunning.  This was my favorite book of the summer, hands down.  The gorgeous narration, masterful language and exquisite story are more than reason enough to pick this one up.  Amy Greene is so on my radar now.  Do yourself a favor and read this one, you won’t be sorry.

This is the third Erik Larson novel I have read.  He is one of my favorite authors not only for his ability to masterfully describe history as it unfolds, but also for introducing me to my all time favorite genre, Historical Non-fiction.  This author is known for taking different events in histroy that occur at the same time and linking the stories together with more research than you can imagine.  I get so lost in the story that I often forget I’m reading about actual people and events.  His others, Thunderstruck and The Devil in the White City, are not to be missed.

Just yesterday I finished this book and I wish I could read it again right away but it’s already overdue!  So funny, so well written, with amazingly descriptive text while still contemporary and new.  I laughed outloud on the subway constantly while reading this and I have already turned several curious passengers onto it due to my incessant giggling.  BTW, they are supposedly making this into a movie so read it beforehand and enjoy it that much more!

Do yourself a favor and go visit your local library, they will be happy to see you!

What is a favorite memory you have of the library?


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