Culinary Color

At my weekly Farmer’s Market visit this morning I picked up some amazing looking Rainbow Swiss Chard.  Even though I may have no idea what I want to do with it yet, it was simply too gorgeous not to get, at a whopping $2 a bunch!

I have worked in restaurants that have served this nutrient rich veggie often, but I myself have never cooked with it.  Here’ s to changing that!

Below is a wonderful website that provides all sorts of delicious info about this hearty green:

My plan for a simple, quick dish is to sautee the chard in a little extra virgin olive oil and throw in some pine nuts to bring out its rich flavors!

I have some tempeh on hand which I may fry up with a bit of a curry kick.   Throw in some red onion, red skin potatoes and I am looking at a very colorful feast.  Let’s see if there is any left for my husband!

I think paired with a robust Chianti my Friday night is looking better and better 🙂

What Farmer’s Market find have you always wanted to try?



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