Master Sweet

Sometimes you just have to look on the bright side of a bungled situation.  Case and point, when you leave the upstairs bathtub running for 30 minutes and it floods the entire second floor landing and newly remodeled kitchen and living room below!  Ah, sigh…oh well!  I guess its time for a makeover!

This is exactly what happened to my parents a week or so after they put together my sister’s gorgeous nuptials.  I guess we can thank heaven it wasn’t before the wedding, right?!

Apologies for the slightly blurry photos 🙂 BEFORE

Because the location of the bathtub in question was right off the Master Bedroom, there was a need for new carpeting, and therefore a perfect opportunity to revamp the space. 

The last time this room was decorated was after a major renovation project on the house because of a fire in 1989, which resulted in the upstairs being built to begin with. 

This is the wallpaper that we removed…hi kitty!

I worked with my mom via email and phone calls to consult about the re-do.   We chose two main colors, Behr UL220-21 Juniper Ash & 490F-4 Grey Morning based on a fabric she purchased for me that I didn’t end up using.  She made her own bench cushion out of it!


Waverly Chippendale Sun N Shade Fretwork Mineral


I instructed that any ceiling portions, including the dormer area, should be the lighter of the two shades to make the room feel bigger than it was.  My mom then elected to add white crown molding…and lets face it, who doesn’t love crown molding?!


Mom made the curtains herself based on my opinion that the two-tone element would add some elegance! 

I sent these fabric samples to her as accent colors for the space and she made them into pillows!  Isn’t she crafty!?  I wonder where I get it from 🙂

I think the room is amazingly luxurious now, and even my Dad likes it!  The rest of the house turned out great as well, and will be sharing those updates soon too.   Stay tuned!


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