Wax On, Wax Off

I attended a party on Saturday night and just as we were preparing to leave, someone nudged me into a side table and a small votive candle spilled all over the sleeve of one of my favorite shirts!  Oh no!

Lucky for them, I know how to remove wax from clothing, and now you can too!  No need to throw something out because you think it can’t be saved, because the remedy is actually very simple!

Things You’ll Need:

Hot iron

Sheet of plain white xerox paper

Ironing board


All you need to do is lay out your garment as if you were going to iron out a crease and place the plain xerox paper over it.  Then take your hot iron (use the necessary heat for the type of garment you are ironing) and press down, ironing as usual. 

You will begin to see that the xerox paper ‘picks’ up the wax as it melts, leaving only your garment in its original, clean condition!


Make sure you use all unsoiled sections of the paper to ensure that you have gotten all of the wax out of your garment.

There!  Good as new!

Now you’ll never be upset if this happens to you because you know how to fix it yourself!  Aren’t you smart 🙂



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