Photo Shoppe

Happy Monday Everyone!  Let’s start off the week with a really special post, my first MIYmaven Photoshoot!

This shoot was meant to give me some fun professional designer shots I could use for clients, my blog, and any other uses that strike my fancy, and it did not disappoint!  Thanks to my new friend, Amanda Taraska ( I now have some wonderful shots that I can share with you all!

I styled and designed the shoot myself.  I was picturing a big comfy chair in the middle of my favorite location in Ft. Tryon Park, all that remains today of the estate of C.K.G. Billings, the old gatehouse near the park entrance and its famous driveway. 


The Estate in 1914, before a massive fire destroyed the house


 I stumbled upon this spot with my husband while walking one day and fell in love with it.  You don’t even feel like you’re in Manhattan anymore.   I knew then that I wanted to shoot here.

First things first…how do you get a ‘big comfy chair’ (Thanks Kim!) all the way down there???  Ask your husband and friends nicely :)…

…then strap it to the roof of your car, drive it to the park, carry it in like this is something that happens every day, lug it down steep stone steps (in heels!) and pray no one stops you!  Piece of cake!

Oh, and wait for the historical re-enactment that wasn’t on the park schedule to finish up…true story!

Gettin down to business!

Some of my Favs!

Quick change!




Checkin’ in with the photog…

That’s a wrap!

I had so much fun with this shoot!  It was a gorgeous NYC day, and it really did go swimmingly! 

A very special thanks to Kim Hellum, for the use of her chair, it is thoroughly aired out now!  My loving friends Laura Davis Gross and Nakeisha Daniel for lugging my stuff and documenting the day!  Many hugs and kisses to my wonderful husband for helping me without complaint, even when he missed getting to see the Tigers beat the Yankees…sorry babe :(.  And last, but certainly not least, my amazing photographer Amanda Taraska for the great shots!

What do you think everybody?!


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