A Bit Draft-y

Pencil & Marker Rendering

One of the reasons I have been unable to tackle some creative projects is because I am knee-deep in portfolio land for my Spring 2013 school admission process.  I was up pretty late last night working on the layout, and I thought I would share some of my progress with you all!

Sketches  – *I grew up with amazing artists in the family, so I myself never attempted to draw…until forced to when I started school…these are some examples…

With 100% honesty, this was the 3rd sketch I ever attempted…almost two yrs ago


Haven’t seen this in real life…someday


Watercolor & Marker Rendering*I feel very at home when watercoloring…marker took some getting used to…

Left: watercolor Right: fabric swatch


Marker Rendering – Floor Plan


Colored Pencil & Marker Rendering – Elevation



Drafting*Oddly enough, having never been a doodler, drafting came very naturally to me.  I love the discipline of hand-drafting…

Apartment Floor Plan – My Design



Hopefully this will give you a bit more insight into my day-to-day design technique.  Many of these projects were for school, but I have taken that knowledge and applied it to some real world designs that I will be sharing with you soon!



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