Gettin’ Corky

 Who’s a wino like me… anybody?

I love my wine, it’s true, and with the tendency to hoard a bit, I hold onto almost all of the corks I have left after finishing a bottle on vino.

What do you do with all those corks!? 

You could display them in glass canisters (which is what I do until I am ready to use them), use them as placecard holders for a dinner party, make your own cork board for pinning trinkets!  The possibilities are endless, but start saving them now because more and more wine companies are turning to plastic corks or no cork altogether!

Here are a few things I have made with my collection

Decorative Trivet for the in-laws

Plaque for my Dad’s new wine making den

The Holidays are coming up afterall…

Things You’ll Need:


Decorative element (cranberry branch here)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Foam circle

Over-the-door hook

Start by gluing a single line of corks around the foam circle, in a natural curve.  Once you have the first line complete from start to finish, the rest is easy to fill in. 

Then place your decorative element on top of the cork wreath by gluing in place as you see fit. 

Then place your wreath over the door hook and you have a MIY holiday element that will never spoil!

My husband rolls his eyes whenever I save my corks, but look at the all the things you can do with them! 

More projects to come!


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