New York State of Mind

Sometimes you have to become a tourist in your own city to appreciate your surroundings.

This past weekend my in-laws were in town and I had the chance to do just that, cramming in two Broadway shows, an Opera at the Met, a dinner in Little Italy and a suburban excursion to Sleepy Hollow, NY.  The weekend was jam packed, and therefore I did not have much time for posting, so catch up with me!

Some Highlights:


First off, I was lucky enough to see the very first preview performance of The Heiress on Broadway (, and here I am with one of my favorite young actors, Dan Stevens (of Downton Abbey).  The show was excellent, not to be missed!

We also got the opportunity to visit the Met and take in a performance of Il Travatore (  Breathtaking music and the space is a quintessential New York landmark.  Being a designer, these wall sconces caught my eye, very mod, but gorgeous.  The gift shop actually has some of the salvaged ones for sale…price upon request.  I wonder…

But, my absolute favorite part of the weekend was getting OUT of the city!  We spent the afternoon in the suburbs drinking coffee and wandering old cemetaries, like ya do.  Sounds odd, but in Sleepy Hollow, NY, these are tourist destinations that do not disappoint! (

There is so much history in every nook and cranny of New York, but I especially love the old world charm of so many of the ‘sleepy’ little towns in the Westchester area, north of the bustling city.

Who could forget the Headless Horseman?  We also learned he’s the local highschool’s mascot…I wonder how they do that?

When I first saw this grave marker a year ago, I couldn’t get the image out of my mind, so this year I took advantage of seeing it again.  Her face is astounding, such pain and elegance.  I love it.

Home sweet home!  The Goerge Washington Bridge was all lit up for Columbus Day.  I’d say having all of these destinations in my backyard makes me a pretty lucky girl.  Now, if only I actually had a back yard…


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