Au Naturale

You know that fear some women have about turning into their mothers?  The inevitable occurance of waking one day and finding yourself staring at someone else in the mirror.  We’ve all seen it depicted as some horrible change we have no control over.  Only, I welcome the day I turn into my Mom.  I mean just look at her!  61 and Gorgeous.   

My Mom is one of those women who grew up on a farm, knew the value of a dollar, and didn’t spend her 20s lying in the sun, like so many women her age.  Her skin is luminescent, and I pray I got those genes.

Transitioning into my 30s has brought with it the challenges of getting older.  I don’t recover as fast from a hard workout these days, nor has my skin been very cooperative, but I am on the path to changing all of that.

Enter the natural wonder cures that I swear by, and can’t live without.


When I was younger I settled for any number of OTC lotions and potions to slap on my skin, but after years of loyal service these products were not up to the task any longer.  I decided I needed a drastic change, and 6 months ago I cut out all the chemicals in my skin care routine and instead have been using coconut oil and apple cidar vinegar as the foundation for my regimen.  

My skin has never looked better!

The uses for these two cure-alls are so extensive that I have included websites that describe in detail some of the ways to get the most out of your new lifesavers.  My personal favorites are how supple my skin feels every morning and night after slathering on some coconut oil after I cleanse, and the way the apple cidar vinegar cleans all the build up off my hair with one douse in the shower.  Amazingly clean, and the perfect base for a favorite shampoo to do its job properly.  Plus, they’re cheap!  Imagine how much money you will save from switching to these natural remedies!

Coconut Oil Health and Beauty Benefits:

Apple Cidar Vinegar Health and Beauty Benefits:

From the looks of it, I’d say my sisters and I owe my Mom big time for showing us how to age gracefully.

Thanks Mom!


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