Steal with Zeal

Dannijo necklace – $595 ———————- my version – $30

I don’t read a lot of magazines, I’m like a child in that way.  I only want to look at the pretty pictures, which is where I find inspiration to re-create something I love for a mere fraction of the price, while at the same time taking pride in the fact that I made it myself!

I saw this Dannijo necklace in InStyle several years ago, and fell in love…but was shocked at the price.  I mean, it’s beautiful…but REALLY?!  Uh uh…I’m gonna make my own.

Things You’ll Need:

Pliers – flat edge, rounded and crimpers

Beads of choice – lots of different sizes

Gold chain

Gold loops & crimper beads

Nylon coated jewelry wire – .30 mm gauge

Necklace clasp

Cut your wire to length, about 16″, for some slack.  

String your beads in any order you prefer:

*masking tape both ends so you don’t lose any beads!

Once all of your bead strings are complete, remove the tape from one end of each string.  Have your necklace clamp of choice ready and slide all your collective wires through the hole provided.  Then loop them back thru the crimper bead, and clamp bead shut.

Twist bead strings around one another as desired, and repeat previous step for other end.

Place gold loop thru starting end of gold chain and connect to necklace clamp.  Wrap gold chain around entire length of necklace, and repeat previous step for other end.


 It’s ok to use  Designer pieces for inspiration, because in the end your piece will be entirely your own!



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