How to Rock a Bargain

I’m a lady who LOVES  a bargain, as evident by my obsession with Goodwill and thrift stores, but that doesn’t mean that those of you who aren’t comfortable shopping at these establishments can’t also make the most of your dough.

While walking out the door this morning, considering what to post about today, I realized my entire outfit, jewelry included (though reworked) was purchased at the same store, H&M.  This struck me as funny because I can’t remember the last time I walked out the door without something second hand on my body.  Truly.


$20 on sale!

$17.95, a steal 

$34.95, so comfortable!


Recognize these?


 While I don’t tend to wear alot of patterns, I do love a pop of color, no matter the season.

H&M has many quality items for a low price, just make sure you take care of them.  Clothes cleaned haphazardly will always lose their luster, no matter if you bought them at Saks or Salvation Army.


Go ahead, dress on the cheap, while still looking chic!


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