Design Re-do

Anyone else feel like they didn’t have a weekend?  I sure do. 

This past weekend was filled with work, work and, oh yeah…more work.  But, I still managed to squeeze in some creative time!

I was asked by a friend to help ‘cleanup’ the painted logo for Ziva Meditation in their new space.  The first attempt was lovely, but not quite crisp enough for the client, so she figured my perfectionist tendencies would come in handy! 

First thing I did was sand down the previous painter’s work so that I wouldn’t be adding to any lumpy-bumpy sections. 

*When painting by hand its important to use a small brush with very little paint so that you can easily spread out your strokes and get lines as close to perfect as possible. 

When re-assessing the work, I realized that the geometry of the circles was way off, but since I only had a few hours to work on it, I did my best to try and make the logo as crisp as possible.

I’d say for a few hours work, all by hand this looks pretty good, plus I loved the space I was working in, very therapeutic. 

If you ever need to focus your mind/body/life connection, go see Emily at Ziva Meditation and check out the wall logo!

*UPDATE* – Just got word that the client was thrilled with the finished look!


2 thoughts on “Design Re-do

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