Ottoman Empire

You may not believe it, but… I MADE THIS!

Lets start from the beginning, shall we?  For a long time I have been interested in the fine art of upholstery, which I have very amateurly dabbled in.  However, unlike most things I have taught myself, I wanted to learn the ins and outs from an expert. 

Enter Mr. Matthew Haly’s beginner upholstery class at The Furniture Joint on the Lower East Side of Manhattan:  His work has appeared in The New York Times,
House & Garden, Interior Design magazine, New York Magazine, TimeOut New York, Domino and Country Living, among others.  So, let’s just say I was dealing with a master.

Now, lets be clear, todays post is not a ‘how-to’ for beginner upholsterers.  I could not attempt to explain in one sitting all the intricate details that go into this type of work, I am just learning.  I am merely sharing my experience with you, and suggesting that if you are ever curious about the process, Matthew Haly’s class is well worth your time and money. 

Some of the tools needed for expert craftsmanship

From start to finish:

*This ottoman took 4 weeks, one day a week for 2.5 hrs to complete


adding springs

burlap lining

soft cotton cushioning

adding foam, this was tricky 🙂

time for some fabric! No going back…

I wouldn’t normally go with a leopard print, but the requirements for this particular class were to bring in a fabric that has no lines in it’s pattern, as there’s no time to instruct everyone on how to line it up properly.  That being said, I still wanted a bit of pizzazz, so I found this fabric for $8 a yard…sold!

almost there…

And…voila!  Wow…it looks way easier than it really is, don’t be fooled.

This class was not for the faint of heart.  Matthew Haly knows his stuff and he isn’t afraid to tell you when something is going to turn out poorly if you don’t pay attention to detail.  I am proud of my piece, but I know I still have alot to learn!

Me and Matthew Haly

Go ahead, create something today!


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