The Whole 9 Yards


I’m not the only one who holds onto every last scrap of fabric that remains from any given craft project, am I?  So what to do with the snipets that aren’t large enough to make anything with?  Use them another way, of course!  Never throw out a fabric you love because it’s been widdled down to a corner, you can use it, I promise. 

Heres how:  We make our own yardage from scrap material!  Brilliant!

Things You’ll Need:

Scrap fabric in corresponding colors

Matching thread

Sewing Machine


Gather all the bits you have and arrange them monochromatically: 





Cut fabrics into three different sizes, try variations of rectagles and squares.  Perhaps 3″ squares, 3×5″ rectangles and 5″ squares.  See what works for the fabrics you have.  What you want to end up with is a bunch of different fabrics in different sizes, ie, if you have alot of one type don’t cut them all to the same size. Next, take one size at a time and arrange them until you’re satisfied with the layout 

 Sew the pieces together so that when you’re done you have several ‘strips’ of fabric 

 Next arrange the ‘strips’ in the layout you like best and sew them together 

When you flip your fabric over you’ll have created your very own patchwork yardage that can be used for future projects! 

(Perhaps mine will be showing up in a future post☺)

 Waste not, want not!  Now get sewing!


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